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Installation shot at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), 2012

XI Havana Biennial

The exhibition Weightlifting (Higher Institute of Art, Havana, 2012) is a site specific displayed for the XI Havana Biennial. Among all the spaces proposed by the Biennale committee, we chose this one to introduce the notion of "dismay of form" that we had developed in a performatic level. Thus, the piece simultaneously subverts the functionality of the space (gym) and the image of the human body to think of other anatomies, other proportions. From there we built tired apparatus, taking into account three concepts (or magnitudes): body-machine-space mobilized to the limit of their reversibility, in a gesture of abundant and indifferent modeling of desire that is unceasingly projected, creating a dynamic of accumulation where the absent force of the body and the rheumatic synergy of machines, design a contrasting environment between the agile and the variegated, the canonical and the deformed. At all times the audience could walk through the work and perceive those alterations.

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