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Installation shot at Havana Gallery, 2016

Genetically modified products, prosthetics, leaning structures, dripping stencils, synthetic packaging materials, epoxy plastiline, melted digital storage devices, templates of extinct animals.

Touching the Cold (Havana Gallery, 2016) is an immersive installation based on the deployment of a dystopian petro-aesthetic. According to this idea first proposed by Reza Negarestani in his novel Cyclonopedia, every object built before and during the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is the remnant of a crude (oil); that is, of a simultaneous process of combustion and meta-fossilization. Consequently, the montage is conceived as a petro-cartography of fluids, genetically modified products, processes and objects without identity, function, material or conceptual limits. As a whole, the installation shows a continuum of aesthetic, political, philosophical, affective and economic emergencies, whose possible narratives and human links are targeted by this notion of physical and virtual (processing of natural impurities that generates more and different kinds of impurities) crude. 

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