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Installation shot at Late Studio-Society, 2023

206 lights that correspond to the 206 bones of the human body, butcher hook, tags

To The Forgotten Ones, 206 light sources of various scales and intensity were assembled. Each light corresponds to a bone of the human body and is labeled with its name. 


This piece introduces, in the trajectory of the Balada Tropical collective, the reflection on the future ways of construction and conservation of human bodies from virtual energy sources, something that not only will determine the structure of unknown intimate and social relationships, but our management and visions of time, birth and death.


The labeling of the 206 bones of the human body as lines and points of light hanging from a butcher's hook, may be a pessimistic view of future corporalities. However, the fundamental intention is to establish a simile between bone and light, between an obsolete anatomy and an anatomy to come, in a non-hegemonic interaction network of bodies and realities still underconception.

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