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Presentation shot at Havana Club Rum Museum, 2017

Final contest to obtain The Cocktail 

The conception of THE COCKTAIL PROJECT (2017) began in one of the oldest bars of Havana, El Lucero, with the participation of 14 bartenders, and the consequent process of invention and selection of their proposals. The project arises with the premise of materializing some of the main notions that Balada Tropical has explored in its trajectory: creation, decomposition, assimilation, resistance, etc. THE COCKTAIL... seeks then to establish an alliance with the totality of knowledge that make it up. Hence the proposal to extract it from the gallery and release it into its space of excellence: the bar. 

THE COCKTAIL’s place... is the place of sovereignty. As soon as it opens for each subject an “outside of selves”, it leads to a shared speech, intimately multiple, sometimes unable to be articulated in words, sometimes overflowing. Language of the approach, always spellbound, always direct, and always magnifying itself in a set of reinventions that ensures the link with the others.

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