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Presentation shot at Galleria Continua, 2018

Traditional cuban music group improvising "decimas" on the gallery statements

The presentation Sugarcanes Vs Palm Trees (Galleria Continua, 2018) developed an encounter of two radically opposed modes of enunciation: art criticism and “decima” (tenth), in its variant of “punto cubano” (cuban point). The idea was to examine the enunciative capacity of those languages, investigate the nature of its signs, find its areas of connection or divergence, take them to its limits of interpretive tolerance, beyond its symbolic context, to generate an exercise of communication between foreigner and native, tradition and postmodernity. To develop this encounter, a series of cut-statements were extracted from the anthology "Follia Continua" (25th anniversary of Galleria Continua), being used as “pie forzado” (given line) by a group of traditional music, specialists in the tenth impromptu. Here some of the cut-statements: a significant cause, organize the wonderful, a way to build, a private dimension, Terzo Paradiso, etc.

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