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Presentation shot at Cuban Pavilion, 2014

White cube, musicians playing inside, geometrically arranged wild plants

The presentation Stockholm Syndrome (Cuba Pavilion, 2014) works on the dislocation of traditional role dynamics linked to the psychology of power and image. With that goal, the collective unleashes a series of concentric acts to ensure the transition from a state of aesthetic repression to a state of factual complementation and dedramatization.


According to the Syndrome…, the mechanism of empathy that a victim develops for an oppressor, is expressed here in terms of artist-audience and action-perception. The first dislocation appears with the geometrical set up of wild plants, which speaks of the correction of nature, or of what is assumed as natural. The second dislocation starts with the action (duration approx. 4 hours), inside the hermetic white cube, with a group of musicians atonally decomposing the hymn L’Internazionale. In time, the vibrations dismantle the cube, all practical and symbolic boundaries tend to vanish, and new techniques of mutual construction are provoked.

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