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Installation shot at La Moderna Gallery, 2019 

XIII Havana Biennial 

Every night during a month different bars serve up at the gallery on their own terms and style.

Mixed materials and alliances. Burlesque and jazz sessions.

Speakeasy works on the links between knowledge and its practical execution, contexts and audiences, discourses and atmospheres. As an extension of The Cocktail Project, Speakeasy materializes the process of transforming an intellectual experience into a sensory experience. At the core of that process was the becoming of La Moderna Gallery into a cabaret, and the design of creative alliances where collaboration works out as matter and objects as practices. 


Speakeasy takes its name from the clandestine bars of the “prohibition era” in the USA (1920-1933). Which raises a social point of view in the project that refers to the strategic behavior between what is prohibited and permissible, and to the capacity of art to upgrade frontiers of dialogue between antagonistic phenomena. All that complex system of relationships created to condition a project that by itself and continuously favors its presentation, tasting, dematerialization and recontextualization.

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