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Installation shot at La Guanabana Mecanica, 2019

Light strip, inflatable chair, banner

The presentation Speakeasy II was the Havana Art Weekend (2019) headquarters. This edition was based on Severo Sarduy's poem What Happened to the Singers? which explores the sound memory of a country that seems to live in a convenient oblivion. The collective produces an open sound session that seeks to generate a sound grammar to interpret something they call politic of oblivion and memory.


The objective was to foster a “temporary autonomous zone” based on sound and its ability to integrate experiences and languages. To this end, artists from dissimilar generations, identified with opposing and singular concepts were invited to build sound objects and make random interventions. Little by little all those sound remains accumulated in the gallery in different forms.


They also constructed a series of light sculptures based on slogans taken from critical texts on Balada Tropical. Those sculptures speak of the flexibility of methods and materials usually displayed by the collective.

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