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Installation shot at Late Studio-Society, 2023

Solid copper, silicone bust

Pasionaria: flower whose five anthers —from the Greek anteros (blossom up)— correspond to the five spears and wounds of Christ. In this work, the spears are represented with grounding spikes: a device installed at the base of all architecture with the function of “stabilizing” all analog and digital signals, and the “neutralization” of the lightning energy. Thus, the deployment of grounding spikes in any space, aspires to convert the object and walls in which it intervenes, in territories where a process of stabilization and neutralization takes place. Then, the Pasionaria interprets those processes of stabilization and neutralization (in this case theological) from a post-human and post-anatomical vision that evokes a definitively indefinite body that, by transcending its “natural” constitution, transcends a model of nature. The mutilation appears then, with the puncture of the grounding spike, as a flowering gesture that surpasses all somatic, social or spiritual identity.

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