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Presentation shot at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), 2011

Based on Mario's "game over" tune

The presentation Fugitives from Glamour (Higher Institute of Art, 2011) begins with a jazzy arrangement of Mario's death tune in the videogame. The work condenses some of the topics that mark the first stage of the collective: the interdependence between events, objects and people,  the complexity of urban signs of second and third nature, the iconography of mass culture, the recycled and the natural, the body resistance, obsolescence, fetishism, etc. The presentation was displayed from simultaneous and random actions that deconstruct its general atmosphere, from the elementary level of the syllable, to the assembly of objects, music, light, and the very ways in which people relate. The title Fugitives from Glamor alludes to a metaphorical “escape from time”, a certain sense of dislocation, a manifest need for “reenchantment and originality” that calls for new styles of interaction, presentation and narration.

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