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Balada Tropical is a multidisciplinary art group founded in Havana (2009- ). It has been made up of visual artists and specialists in music, experimental writing, Web3.0 technologies, industrial design, architecture, gastronomy, etc. Their practices are based on the creation of large-scale sensory experiences, relocating intervention art as a procedure and installation as a program, and generating techniques of communication that examine the complex and often contradictory ways in which human beings relate to the natural world, interspersing narratives from coding dynamics and disruptive tools, sentient media and underground culture, fetishism and science fiction, industrial and biological evolution. Their projects constitute scenarios that produce communities of materials, happenings, objects and people, reflecting on a certain manifest impression of "continuous restart of time", in which notions like decadence and seduction, hyperstition and obsolescence of historical time are mixed. 
As an interdisciplinary art group, it is interested in the management of creative alliances and the immersion in processes in which the artist works as a mediator or filter.
Balada Tropical has exhibited on various platforms: Havana Biennial (XI and XIII editions), El Apartamento Gallery, Estudio 50, National Theater of Cuba, Galleria Continua, Contemporary Cuban Art Hall, University of the Arts (Havana), Studio Carlos Garaicoa, etc.

Members: Jorge Pablo Lima, Victor Piverno, Amanda Alonso del Rio, Nelson Barrera
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2023 - Tierras, Late Studio-Society, Madrid, Spain.

2019 - Speakeasy II: What Happened to the Singers?, Havana Art Weekend, La Naranja Mecánica, Havana, Cuba.

         - Speakeasy I, XIII Havana Biennial, La Moderna Gallery - El Apartamento Gallery - National Cuban Theater - Estudio 50 - Hotel Grand Packard, Havana, Cuba. 

2018 - Sugar Canes vs Palm Trees, Galleria Continua, Havana, Cuba.

2017 - Tropical Ballad Visits the Earth, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, Havana, Cuba. 

2016 - Touching the Cold, Habana Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

2014 - Stockholm Syndrome, Cuban Pavilion, Havana, Cuba.

2013 - Actions that Would Make you Feel Guilty for Not Doing Them, Studio-Theater Vivarta,   Havana, Cuba.

2012 - Weightlifting (Volume II), XI Havana Biennial, Universidad de las Artes, Havana, Cuba.

2010 - Fugitives from Glamor, Universidad de las Artes, Havana, Cuba. 
2019 - Scholarship Antonia Eiriz Winner 
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